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Dee and Morris first met in 2025 salvaging sunken ships off the coast of Ireland that had fallen into difficulty after colliding with the wall that Overlord Donald Trump had decided to build around Europe.

Employed by competing companies tasked with finding a specific and mysterious object that 1 of the ships had been carrying, the duo were forced to join forces for the good of humanity. 


Dee still had Acetylene; Morris had an operational torch.


Celebrating in the Scottish Lowlands drinking scotch, a questionable process of thinking lead to the formation of Go Gracious.


And so the pair hit the studio, with a handful of ideas and a no limitations approach. Unfortunately, they totally forgot that they would ultimately have to recreate the music in a live setting and swiftly moved on to finding creative ways to push technology (or growing some extra limbs) to enable them to bring their enormous sound to your local pub.


Go Gracious sound as if Bruce Springsteen had made his fortune with British winter minimum wage, lost his fortune in Las Vegas sun, became a cyborg and settled down in Tuscany to marry Taylor Swift.


Everthing we’ve listened to and loved

Everything we’ve listened to and hated

Everything in between

Everything we’ve seen

Everything we’ve felt

All in varying measures

(Go Gracious are not at all influenced by sense of smell)